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            “ The business ledgers and fi led specimens of every job printed from 1922, present a
            record of business and social life in the area, which does not exist in any other form”.
                             These were the words of an archivist.

            Add to that presses and folding machines handling sheets up to 18” x 23”, 20 cases of
           type, perforators up to 24”, wire stitcher, stapler, guillotine, usual sundries and a Victorian
                         Albion and you have a picture of Severnside Press.

           Since closure (health problems), it has been sitting waiting for the right person to come
            along and set up what could be the most comprehensive form of printing museum in
          Britain. There has been interest in the equipment from various people, but no approach of
                              a workable nature as to a museum.

             The business is understood to have originated prior to 1839, since someone once
           produced a leafl et printed here in 1839. Proper records were not kept prior to my father
                               taking the business over in 1922.

          The existence of old records plus extensive equipment indicates that Severnside could be
               developed into a museum of even greater appeal than the Dublin enterprise.

                Bernard Wheeler, Severnside Press, High Street, Newnham, Glos. GL14 1AA.
                     Telephone: Works phone (answering machine) 01594 516203

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