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Election of Offi cers

           The following nominations have been received for Executive Offi cers to
                    serve on the Executive Council from the 2017 AGM

          OFFICER         NAME           PROPOSER           SECONDER
          President       Jean Watson    Win Armand Smith   George Webb
          Vice President   Paul Hatcher   Jean Watson       Peter Salisbury
          Secretary       Peter Salisbury  Peter Scarratt   Libby Green
          Treasurer       Robin Munday  Ron Watson          Pat Swadling
          Councillor      Ron Watson     Win Armand Smith  Pat Swadling
          Councillor      Vacancy
          Councillor      Vacancy

          It is now past the date for Members to nominate Offi cers, however the
          current Executive Council can still make nominations until the AGM. Any
          Member interested in fi lling the two vacancies above please contact the
          Secretary, Peter Salisbury. Travel expenses for attending meetings are

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