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Mary Wright (7846)

          Ron and I were so sorry to hear of the death of Mary Wright.

          Mary was a devoted and loyal wife to Ken, especially in the last few years as
          Ken’s health deteriorated.
          They attended the Conventions each year and were very active in the Essex
          Last year in August they visited Bournemouth Air Show, having travelled down
          by coach for the weekend. Ron and I met them in their hotel bar and enjoyed an
          evening of drinking and chatting: I think Mary was worried whether Ken would
          be able to walk back to their room all right. He was a little more unsteady than
          usual, it has to be said!

          They had decided not to attend the 2017 convention at Newport, as Mary felt it
          was becoming too diffi cult for Ken to travel.

          They will be sadly missed and we send our condolences and best wishes to Ken.
                                                          Jean and Ron Watson

          The Essex Branch were saddened to hear of the sudden death of Mary Wright on
          21st January 2017 whilst in hospital recovering from a heart attack.
          Mary’s main interest was her painting, although not a printer herself she
          supported Ken with his activities and was a stalwart member the Branch. She
          regularly attended our meetings and was a great help with the organisation
          of the 2013 Colchester Convention, hosting all the committee meetings and
          manning the reception desk.
                                                                  Ron Rookes

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