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Surrey & Sussex                       looked after by the staff.
                                                We were not particularly rowdy,
       Branch                                although having several non-printers
       January Meeting                       present meant that conversation was
                                             varied and not all ‘shop’. We used
                                             the occasion to pass round the very
       Annual Lunch                          impressive collection of 2016 Rosen
       On Saturday 31st January all members   Award entries, which engendered plenty
       of Surrey and Sussex Branch plus their   of interest and topics for discussion.
       guests met for our annual meal at The   Adrian and Jenny entertained us with
       Inn on the Green, Ockley, in deepest   a talk which they had prepared earlier
       Surrey. Despite it not being the place   and which it was agreed would make a
       which several of us thought we had    good article for Small Printer so no more
       visited before (which included several   about it now.
       different local hostelries, some now      Our current branch membership is
       closed and some demolished), we were   geographically quite widespread and
       delighted with our choice of venue.   the fact that everyone had managed
       Placed on a long table in a secluded part   to attend the lunch contributed to
       of the dining area (selected by the staff   the enjoyment and success of the
       in case we wanted to be noisy) we ate   afternoon.
       a delicious lunch and were very well

                          Annual General Meeting
                       of the British Printing Society
                  to be held at the Holiday Inn, Newport, Wales
                            on Saturday 22nd April 2017

                                   A G E N D A

          1.   Apologies for absence
          2.   Minutes of the AGM held on 9th April 2016 at the Holiday Inn, Bristol
          3.   Matters arising
          4.   The Annual Report for the Society for 2016
          5.   Accounts and balance sheet for 2016
          6.   Annual Subscription for the coming year
          7.   Appointment of independent examiner
          8.   Election of Honorary members
          9.   Election of Executive Council for the coming year
          10. Future conventions
          11. Closing remarks

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