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|  Branch Reports |                                        |  Continued  |

                                             is designing a logo and we are well on
                                             our way with planning the event.
                                                We were all encouraged to submit
                                             items for the Goody Bag in Newport and
                                             for the Keepsake envelope.
                                                At the February meeting we are having
                                             another talk by George on white space in

              Print of wooden craft block
       different media.
          Once again part of our meeting was
       taken up with discussion for the 2018
       convention. The venue is decided, George

                                                   Block, blocks and more blocks
                                                There is no further news on our
                                             meeting room above the racing stables at
                                             Whitcombe, so for the time being we will
                                             continue to meet there.

                                             In the Branch report published in the
                                             February issue of Small Printer the
                                             reference to the ‘Sussex Cup’ (page 44,
                                             line 10) should instead refer to the ‘Rosen
              Print of a plastic craft stamp             Win Armand Smith (10716)
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