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Branch Reports

       Dorset Branch                         worth going round car boot sales, craft
                                             shows and tabletop sales as these are
       January Meeting                       readily available. Many of the designs
                                             are whimsical and poorly drawn but it is
           he January meeting of the Dorset   worth hunting out those that are useful
           Branch was a sort of ‘Show and
       TTell’ session. Several members
       brought along blocks of various sorts to
       print. Some were unusual in that they
       were made for other uses, such as an
       Indian wooden fabric printing block,
       plastic stamping blocks for card making,
       rubber stamps and several old blocks
       of indeterminate age that had been
       purchased but never printed. Jean and
       Ron Watson kindly brought along an
       Adana 8 x 5 and George Webb brought
       along several blocks all set up ready to
       print in a galley.                       George Webb, Jean & Ron Watson and
         Some rubber stamps are type-high,        Margaret Swadling block printing
       which makes it easy to print them. The   to us for letterpress printing.
       plastic blocks are type-high if mounted     There was much discussion around the
       on some Resalite furniture. It seems it is   Brevettato bicycle gears or brakes. We
                                             consulted Professor Google who seemed
                                             to offer confl icting information but we
                                             think it means trademark rather than a
                                             make of brakes.
                                               The members of our group who had
                                             worked in the printing industry were
                                             taken down Memory Lane with the proof
                                             readers’ marks; and others were taken
                                             down another Lane with the illustration
                                             of a Radiant fi re. I have a vision of my
                                             mother (or perhaps grandmother)
                                             hitching up her skirt to warm the backs
                                             of her legs in front of a similar fi re.
                                               We had another block that Frank had
                                             unearthed; it was possibly from a medical
                                             text-book. The personal physician to the
                                             Dorset Branch says it is probably a print
                                             of various dissecting aneurysms, not
                                             something one wants to suffer from!
                                               It was an enjoyable afternoon showing
              Print of wooden craft block    that you can print with all sorts of
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