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Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Council of the British
                 Printing Society held on Saturday 21st January, 2017
                      from 10.15 a.m. at The Raven Hotel, Hook.

         This is an edited version of the minutes. If you would like to know the wording in the
         full minutes, or would like an explanation of EC deliberations or policy, please apply in
         writing to the President, Jean Watson.
         Jean Watson President  (in the chair); Peter Salisbury Secretary; Robin Munday
         Treasurer; Paul Hatcher Councillor; Margaret Rookes PG Councillor; Ron Rookes
         Councillor; Ron Watson Councillor

         The President welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for coming
         on this cold frosty day.
         The Minutes of the EC meeting on 5th November 2016 were agreed and signed
         by the President.
         Following the passing of Bob Edwards, the Society needed to have a third cheque
         signatory.  It was agreed that the Secretary, Peter Salisbury would be added and
         Bob Edwards removed.
         The Secretary had received nominations for President, Vice President, Secretary,
         Treasurer and one Councillor. (There is also a Publishing group Councillor who is
         elected by the Group).  There should be a further two Councillors.  It was agreed
         that a notice of the nominations would appear in Small Printer and a note asking
         for anyone interested in being considered to fi ll these places to contact the
         President or Secretary.
         The Secretary ran through details for the Society’s AGM that he needed for the
         AGM leafl et (agenda, accounts etc).  He said that there would be a copy of the
         leafl et for each attendee at the Convention in their Goody Bag.  There would be
         spare copies for anyone else who attends.
         There were fi ve entries for the Rosen Award.
         The Treasurer reported the fi nancial position at the end of fi nancial year
         In his report as Editor Chris Green reminded us that he was now in his second and
         fi nal year as Editor and advertisement would be in February’s Small Printer.
         Membership Secretary, Margaret Rookes, reported that the number of members
         was now 297.
         2017 Convention – Newport, South Wales Branch. Preparations were progressing
         very well and thanks go to the South Wales Branch for their hard work.
         2018 Convention – Dorset Branch - Dates are 20-22 April 2018.
         A venue has been found and a brochure and booking form will be available at this
         year’s Convention.
         Rules meeting – Saturday 4th March 2017; EC – Saturday 10th June 2017; both to
         commence at 10.15 a.m. at the Raven Hotel, Hook.

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