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|  Choosing Second Hand Type (2) ||  M Elliston & J Easson  |

               hen buying more recent        one case as it begins to run short and
               designs one should be aware   commence a new paragraph from
       Wthat sorts may no longer be          the new case. Never mix the two
       available if one wishes to extend the   cases unless you are positive they are
       range later. Is the face still cast? Most   identical. Make a note of where the
       faces are no longer being produced    change occurs and diss the types back
       unless by a small private founder.    into their respective cases again.
         Take care over the alignment of        This applies particularly to leaders
       the face on the body. Does the new    (... ....), which look awful if mixed, and
       match the old? When ordering sorts    to borders and any other repetitive
       to supplement an old fount, send an   settings where variations are made
       alignment sample character with the   noticeable by the regularity of the
       order so that the founder may adjust   context. Leaders were available in
       the new casting to match the old.     3-dot, 4-dot, 5-dot or 6-dots to the
       (Ask the founder which character he   em. It is useful to purchase 12pt 6-dot,
       prefers to use.) When buying type of   10pt 5-dot, 8pt 4-dot and 6pt 3-dot
       a style you already have, either from   leaders if you can still get them. Then
       a founder or another printer, take an   if different body sizes are used in
       alignment character along with you    the same job all the leaders have the
       from your present fount to check: e.g.   same pitch of one dot per 2 points. It
       a lower case x or cap H or M. Note    is also possible to fi ddle the end of a
       that as mentioned above certain faces   line of 12pt 6-dot leaders where you
       (such as Spartan) have several sizes of   have less than an em by using one of
       caps on the same body, all aligning on   the other sizes. It was always better
       the same baseline. If buying this kind   by choice to buy leaders new as they
       of face it is useful to make one’s own   wore down quickly, and the top ones
       1, 2, or 3-line score mark along the   in the compartment will be much more
       front of the types before dissing them   worn than the less-frequently used
       into the case to identify the various   ones.
       sizes on the same body. Beware of       Script faces were available in
       mixing Spartan from founders with the   numerous designs, often very
       Monotype copy; they will not align!   similar. They could be cast on either
       This situation also occurs with other   rectangular or angled bodies, and
       faces cast in two or more versions. The   the same face may have been cast
       Monotype Corporation recommended      on both. Because of the less distinct
       standard dimensions of alignment      base line they are particularly prone
       for each face and size. For various   to misalignment. Different founders
       reasons suppliers of Monotype faces   used different angles of slope for the
       did not always cast to the specifi ed   ‘winged’ body and you should always
       dimensions and you may fi nd that 24pt   check that the new type has the
       Plantin bought from one company       same slope as your own. For example,
       will not align with the same type from   Monotype Palace Script will not mix
       another. If setting a long text with   with the original founders’ version.
       two supplies of the same face, fi nish   Script faces frequently have hairlines
       one paragraph with type from the      in the design which wear down rapidly
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