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       Newport Convention                       The Annual Dinner was blessed
                                             with an entertaining speaker,
               ell, it was easy to fi nd.     Mike Scott, one of Ron Prosser’s
               Straight off the M4 to a      contacts: and Ron was in evidence
       Wroundabout and, if you got           throughout, from accepting
       the right exit, the hotel was there on   Honorary Membership of the
       the left. We were sharing the hotel   Society at the AGM to putting his
       with other groups but our rooms       book on Newport in everyone’s
       were so compact and conveniently      ‘goody bag’. These bags were made
       close together we didn’t notice.      of Indian newspaper and the pretty
       Straight in with two talks on Friday   name badges came from India too.
       evening, though I think a few         I suspect Ron had something to do
       were nodding off during the ship      with that too.
       restoration one – I confess I was.    Both the hotel and the catering
          Saturday’s Trade Show was well     were excellent and everyone had a
       attended and popular with goods       good time.
       and money changing hands. It’s           I have just had the daunting task
       always exciting to say goodbye        of deciding what to keep; you get
       to something you’re bored with        so much paper and card stuff given
       and not using, and acquire what       at a Convention. If your partner
       somebody else wants rid of, even      comes too, you get it twice! So
       though you may not use either!        many nicely printed ‘keep-sakes’
          The talks over-ran due to the      which members have spent hours
       content and enthusiasm shown          creating, but they can’t all be
       so the AGM started half-an-hour       kept. You just put them in a folder
       late, but ran smoothly, non-          somewhere and probably never look
       controversially and with good         at them again, and you can’t store
       humour. The 2019 Convention was       everything for ever. Do others have
       announced for Lincolnshire.           the same problem?
                                                           Adrian Towler (10068)
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