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|  Convention 2017 - Collective Thoughts & Images |

       Letterpress in the 21st               works of art.
       Century                                 I was much impressed with the
                                             letterpress work shown by the
                                             table holders. Congratulations: our
             mongst BPS members              Society is being enriched by the
             letterpress is now well on      intake of recent members, often
       Awith the transition from             younger, bringing creativity and
       small commercial printing into craft   imagination to our community of
       printing. One symptom is that we      lifetime enthusiasts.
       remember the time when the kiss                  Cornelius Cornes (5990)
       had to be precise such that there
       was no obvious indentation on the     Convention 2017
       receiving medium (mostly paper),
       but now it seems necessary to
       make it obvious that letterpress           irst thing to say is how easy
       has been used by making a defi nite         it was to fi nd the hotel, and it
       indent.                               Fhad a massive car park. So all
         Another change of signifi cance      was well in my world and it stayed
       is the price realised for Adana       that way throughout weekend.
       presses. Fifteen years ago an 8x5       Food: excellent. Hotel staff: very
       was unlikely to fetch more than £25   helpful. Room: spacious. Convention
       but those bargains are no more,       tables: all interesting. Items for sale:
       and recently I saw a 5x3 sold at      yes (for many of us an important
       £135. Who would have thought          component of the weekend.
       that fi ve years ago that it would be   Talks: all the talks I attended were
       worth developing a new letterpress    fascinating. Saturday night dinner:
       proofi ng machine?                     the food was good and so was the
         There has always been a strong      speaker. The Sunday morning Forum
       craft element in the BPS and          provided some very constructive
       when I joined there was some          ideas for BPS sales goods.
       wonderful craft work, but not many      Margaret and I thoroughly
       practitioners declined to do any      enjoyed this year’s Convention,
       work that was commercial. Adana       so congratulations to all the
       advertised its machines as the        organisers. Who is organising next
       way to make a useful income. We       year’s Convention? Oh yes, Dorset
       now have a number of members          Branch at Bournemouth . . . see you
       with no thought of doing paid         there!
       work, but who see it solely as a        I have left perhaps the most
       creative hobby, perhaps to counter    important part of any Convention
       a stressful work life. As we all did,   until last, but so much of the
       they would like to sell some work,    pleasure of these weekends is
       as a hobby which pays for itself was   meeting ‘old’ friends again. It is
       always a BPS member’s ambition.       indeed a Society of Friends.
       What was being sold at Newport                      Pat Swadling (10453)
       was not leafl ets or letterheads but
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