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qualifi cations. The work carried
                                             out is ‘proper’ jobs for the public
                                             so that the Project earns money
                                             to continue. Recently two trainees
                                             who have gained qualifi cations have
                                             found full-time or part-time jobs and
                                             have left, enabling more trainees to
                                                The room (see photo) has an
                                             amazing amount of machinery
                                             in it. Just off to the left are two
                                             computers and further down are
                                             a duplex printer, guillotine, folding
                                             machine and laminator. On the right
                                             there is another folding machine,
                                             shredder, colour printer and a
                                             wide format printer, with paper on
                                             a roll. It will also print on canvas
                                             so that banners can be produced.
                                             Equipment used less frequently
                                             is stored upstairs in an ‘overfl ow’
                                             room. Shelves for completed work
                                             ready for delivery are all spread
                                             around the space. Ready to go out
                                             were folded and stapled booklets,
                                             perfect-bound books and election
                                             material. The Stow Park Printers
                                             have a number of regular contracts
       service at Stow Park church on        and customers such as newsletters
       Sunday, and afterwards were           and a series of books for children.
       shown round the Print Room by Ron        The room opposite is the
       Prosser; Peter stayed an additional   Head Offi ce of HHI (Health Help
       night at the Convention hotel         International), which members of
       and visited on Monday morning.        the BPS have supported over the
       Mike (the guest speaker at the        years.
       Convention Dinner) was his guide.        This is a really interesting place,
          The project was set up by Ron      doing excellent work for the
       Prosser to help local unemployed      community. Prices are competitive
       and disadvantaged young people to     (so the website says) so if there is
       get a good training for future work   a job outside your area or expertise
       (hopefully in the printing industry).   give them a call, as they may be able
       At any one time there are two or      to assist. Their website is:
       more trainees who train towards
       nationally recognised printing

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