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|  From The Editor |                                 |  Chris Green (7614)  |

            his issue of Small Printer contains   inviting a response. Both these tasks are
            more photographs, and less       vital to the running of the Society as we
       Ttext, than most. As promised,        know it; Peter, the Society Secretary,
       it is predominantly concerned with    will be pleased to provide further
       this year’s Annual Convention. You    information on either or you could, if
       will be familiar with the adage ‘A    you wish, contact the present incumbent.
       picture is worth a thousand words’ . . .   At a time when (at last) Society
       (incidentally, you probably didn’t know   membership is on the increase it should
       that this phrase is usually attributed to   not be difficult to find two people who
       Frederick R. Barnard, who used it in   are willing to take on these tasks. One of
       Printer’s Ink, an American magazine, in   the problems faced by the new Editor –
       1921. However, I digress).            there’s no point in trying to ignore this
         My thanks, on your behalf, go to    – is the lack of material provided by the
       the various members attending the     membership.
       Convention who were kind enough to      Many people have more than one
       take these photographs and send them   interest, and may well belong to more
       to me. That’s one reason why there are   than one organisation; and these, in
       so many pictures.                     general, fall into one of two categories. I
         The second reason is that there are so   shall put myself forward as an example.
       few words. There must have been about   I belong to my local church, I am a
       30 or 40 members at the AGM, and I    volunteer at the Bluebell Railway in
       am sure that they all heard me when   Sussex, and together with my wife I am
       I invited all those present to send me   a member of both the National Trust
       their own impressions of the weekend.   and English Heritage. My membership
       As you will see in the following pages,   of the last two requires nothing from me
       fewer than half-a-dozen people have   (apart from payment of the subscription)
       responded.                            – I am free to participate, or not, as
         The majority of the pages are taken   I choose. The other organisations
       up with a review of the entries for the   rely heavily on volunteers to make
       Rosen Award, written jointly by the two   them work, and the BPS falls into
       judges. Space doesn’t allow reproduction   this category. Without input from the
       of all the work submitted, but you will   membership there will be no Society.
       be able to gather, from the description   None of the officers is paid – everything
       of the various pieces, that the work was   is done voluntarily by members for
       of a very high standard. Each Branch   members. A short article is not a lot to
       Secretary has received a full set of all the   ask – could this be your contribution?
       entries and if you belong to one of the
       Branches I hope that you will have been   Views expressed by individual authors are
       able to see them for yourself.        not necessarily the views of the Society.
         You will see – on pages 140 and 145   All advertisements are accepted in
       – that two non-executive positions are   good faith, the Society cannot take
                                             responsibility regarding the condition of
       Cover Image: David Wood (10848) at    the goods sold from the advertisements
       the Newport Convention trade show with   nor can it vouch for the accuracy of any
       his prototype Letterpress Proofi ng Press.  statements in any advertisement.
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