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Ye Olde ‘One-Stop’ Letterpress Shoppe!

            Re-manufactured Adana machines including treadle platens and proof presses - Composing sticks,
            typescales, galleys, furniture, quoins, quoin keys, planers, tweezers, bodkins - New & second-hand type
            laid in cases and/or wooden cabinets, @ signs, # signs, + signs, borders, dashes, rules and spacing
            materials.  High definition Rubber inking Rollers, a full colour range of letterpress inks, tympan manila
            platen dressing sheets and gauge pins. We also service and refurbish customer’s own machines.
                          Our AdanaLite Photopolymer system enables you to easily make negatives and
                          letterpress plates at home. We supply a range of polymer plates at competitive
                          prices and make mounting bases to order to suit your machine and thickness of
                          plates you wish to use. Professional, Reliable & Expert advice always available.
                                            Why would you go anywhere else?

                                                        +44 1727 852 211

                    Moulton Printing  01253 342992
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