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Wanted - a new Editor
                                for Small Printer                B R I T I S H  ‡  P R I N T I N G  ‡  S O C I E T Y

                  B R I T I S H  ‡  P R I N T I N G  ‡  S O C I E T Y
             This is a further reminder that the Society is still looking for an Editor. This
          position is one of the most important as it provides a link to all the membership,
               especially those who are not fortunate enough to belong to a branch.
            As you know, the magazine is a monthly publication and requires someone
            with the fl air and ability to put together the articles and photographs that are
           received. The use of colour has been established as an important detail in the
             The position is for a period of three years. This gives time for the person to
           establish their own style, bearing in mind it is for a society who enjoy the art of
                                printing and its allied crafts.
          Any enquiry for further information regarding what is involved should be directed
                              towards the Editor, Chris Green.

          Your application should be sent to the BPS Secretary, Peter Salisbury, at 4 Doran
              Drive, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 6AX, or emailed to

                       FOR SALE

          •  Various Cases of Type

                (Mainly Stephenson Blake)

          •  Type Cases & Frames Etc

                     Moulton Printing
            01253 342992 |
                  132 *igJƂGlF 4oCF  $lCcMpool

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