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       suggestion that we heat some of       press (a working rotary web press,
       the dried ink with a hairdryer to free   no less) complete with rotary plates.
       some of the more stubborn parts.      Extremely ingenious, and very
       Thanks, Sandra! There were a couple   impressive. Where does he fi nd these
                                               Paul and Wendy came along later
                                             and we printed proofs of some of
                                             Robin’s printing plates, which are due
                                             to be sold at this month’s convention.
                                             The plates included some lovely book
                                             illustrations, and they should have no

          John Miller gives Alison the benefi t
                   of his wisdom
       of minor parts missing, which I took
       from my own Adana (I’ve a box full
       of spares at home, collected over the
       years from various BPS meetings). We
       then gave Alison some typesetting
       tips and before long she was printing
       a batch of labels like a pro.
         She is also a skilled illustrator, and
       brought along a beautiful linocut of   Malcolm keeping the branch in beer mats
       a hare, which we then set up and
       printed.                              trouble selling down in Newport.
         Graham brought along an example       All in all this was a very enjoyable
       of a business card that he had        meeting. Of course, it was fi rst and
       recently set, and John provided       foremost a social get-together, but
       Allison with all sorts of printing    combining this with a bit of printing
       advice throughout the meeting.        and lots of help and advice (especially
       While this was going on Malcolm       with a new printer attending) really
       set up one of his presses to die-cut   did give the meeting a genuine
       some beermat blanks for everyone      feeling of the true spirit of our
       to use.    After a delicious lunch laid   Society. Once again, I must thank
       on by Malcolm and Sandra, Malcolm     Malcolm and Sandra again for their
       showed us his latest press purchase.   generous hospitality.
       This was a French children’s toy                      Mike Edwards (10374)
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