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Branch Reports

       Dorset Branch                         help from a contact with a company
                                             who had attended a previous
       April Meeting                         Bournemouth Convention, Ron was
                                             able to switch the machine back to
            he Dorset Branch at their April   English. We then proceeded to print
            meeting were entertained by      off some paper and discuss how we
       Ttrying to fold some paper in a       could make use of the machine in the
       certain way to produce a booklet. Ron   run-up to the Convention.
       had obtained a folder which allowed
       you to produce a photobook, using                 Win Armand Smith (10716)
       self-adhesive glossy paper. He had
       provided A4 plain paper printed sheets   Lincolnshire & District
       that needed to be folded as well as
                                             April Meeting

                                                   ur April meeting, which was
                                                   Adana-themed, took place
                                             Oat Malcolm Hull’s Rotaset
                                             premises in Louth. The main reason
                                             for concentrating on these particular
                                             machines was due to a request from
                                             Society member Alison Rattigan
                                             for the Branch to give her a little
       the instruction sheet for everyone.   assistance in getting her Adana up
       Well, despite having the instructions,   and running.
       there was a variety of end results.     John Miller brought along his 5x3,
       One or two members were successful    and Graham Jackson brought along
       with their fi rst attempts and they then   his 8x5 as did Mike Edwards. Alison,
       helped the others to correct their    of course, brought along her own
       efforts. Ron has a small supply of the   Adana as well. We started (after a cup
       folders, which will be on sale at next   of tea of course) by admiring each
       year’s Convention.                    other’s presses (the micrometer lay-
         The photograph shows how it         gauge modifi cation of Mike’s machine
       should have ended up.                 causing some comment), and then
         In fact, Ron Rookes showed this     set to work on the main objective
       method at a Bournemouth Convention    – Alison’s Adana. It had received a
       several years ago.                    heavy drenching in ink while in use at
         The other item on the agenda for    a college in Lincoln. This had caused
       this meeting was the successful       a few parts that should have been
       operation of the Ricoh Priport Stencil   moving to be rock solid. We were
       Duplicator, which had reverted to the   eventually able to sort this out, due
       Japanese language. Following some     in no small way to Sandra’s inspired
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