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Warping’, it details the Wright
       brothers’ eff orts to steer planes by
       twisting the fl ying surfaces to meet
       the fl ow of air. All very clever, but
       who knew that Orville Wright built
       a printing press from scrapyard bits,
       including a discarded tombstone for
       the press bed? Within weeks of its
       manufacture, it was possible to print
       1,000 sheets an hour. Amazing! The
       whole booklet was a good example
       of co-operation. However, last year,
       this Branch’s product was a pack of
       Pelmanism cards which I felt could
       be improved. I really was hoping to
       receive one this year! Maybe next
       year?                                        Brian Foster - Shropshire 2
         The search for a winner this year has
       been made more diffi  cult, but pleasurably   that branch members perhaps appoint an
       so, simply because the quality of entries has   editor to oversee output to ensure accuracy?
       improved considerably over the years. Don’t   One of these years we will fi nd the ‘perfect’
       be put off  by our hypercritical comments –   entry. Will it be yours?
       they are meant to help you excel next time!
       Many of this year’s entries would qualify for   These scans of some of the Rosen Award
       a second prize, if one were to be off ered by   entries do not do justice to the originals,
       the society. Watch this space!        but they might give some idea of what the
         We always read each submission carefully   judges are looking for.
       in order to spot errors of spelling, grammar,   Oh, and in case you haven’t yet heard,
       punctuation and layout, and we always   the winner of the 2016 Rosen Award was
       manage to fi nd something. May we suggest   Lincolnshire & District Branch.

                              Election of Offi cers               B R I T I S H  ‡  P R I N T I N G  ‡  S O C I E T Y

                  B R I T I S H  ‡  P R I N T I N G  ‡  S O C I E T Y
           Executive Offi cers were appointed at the AGM in line with the list shown in the
                               March Small Printer (page 69),
                    and the following appointments were made at the AGM:
           Libby Green and Roderic Findlay were nominated as Councillors by the EC and
                             assumed offi ce following the AGM.

           The Publishing Group appointed  Win Armand Smith as their representative on
                                        the EC.

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