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in sublimated hotfoil, and also
                                                   some doves, similarly outlined. He
                                                   dedicates the pieces to the late Bob
                                                   Edwards, who inspired him to try
                                                   this diff erent method of putting
                                                   image on paper. His third item is
                                                   an allusion to the recent articles in
                                                   SP about ‘Print with Glint’, and has
                                                   assembled three butterfl y shapes
                                                   from glint ornaments. Together
                                                   with an allegorical bird block, his
                                                   piece is around 16 x 11 cms, and
                                                   appears to have been printed with a
                                                   gold-eff ect ink on an Adana 85. Very
                                                   impressive stuff .
                                                     Peter Snelson (who actually lives
              Margaret Criddle - Shropshire  in Wales) gives us two items, one of which
       They have printed the cover and title page   enumerates the huge range of ‘wingy’ things.
       in russet on 160 micron Ivory stock, and   He also screws out some dreadful puns
       their unprinted back cover is 330 micron   which always make me smile (Peter, winge
       ivory laid board. Inside, Peter C. tells us a   has an ‘h’ in it – just thought you’d like to
       bit about paper gliders and thoughtfully   know!). His second item is about the village
       provides us with one to play with, and, no   of Wing in Rutland (I thought it disappeared
       doubt, to experiment with. Margaret C. has   as a county in 1974 . . .). Just a general
       produced a most informative four-page,   description and history, but very interesting.
       mostly black print, all about The Doves    And, fi nally, the piece by Ian and
       Press from 1913 (MCMXIII, for the Latin   Margaret Hutchings. Entitled ‘Wing
       scholars among you). I won’t try to
       distil it for you, but please read it if
       you can. Finally from the Criddles,
       Margaret gives us the Brooklyn
       version of ‘The Spring is Sprung’,
       printed green with black ‘boids’ on
       green 200 micron board.
         My attention was swiftly drawn
       to the items from Graham Skitt
       (who also did the binding). He
       has submitted three pages printed
       digitally in brilliant full colour on a
       coated stock of unknown origin of
       two varieties of Butterfl y, and a lovely
       study of the Vulcan Bomber in fl ight.
       They are, quite simply, beautiful.
       Brian Foster has been quite prolifi c,
       as well. He has depicted a biplane, outlined   Peter Criddle - Shropshire
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