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and ‘December’, and his number spacing is
       delightfully and accurately centred, with just
       a tiny bit of embossing.
         Now to the litho printed off erings: Andrew
       Dolinski’s two colour ‘January’ looks good.
       It is clearly printed, with excellent register,
       the numbers being centred accurately in
       their boxes. We’re told that the 28th is the
       Chinese New Year of the Cockerel, and
       the whole layout is neatly balanced. Janet
       Tweedy’s ‘April’ and ‘November’, in full
       colour on 80gsm bond, are surprisingly
       complicated. The London Marathon is
       commemorated in April, and has some
       miniature cartoon characters running round
       the periphery of the sheet. I had fun trying
       to interpret the expressions on their faces.
       November commemorates Remembrance
       of the Great War, depicting a memorial
       stone with wreaths at the base, but with no
       further detail. Richard Owen’s sheets, for
       March and September, are slightly puzzling.   Janet Tweedy - Maidenhesd
       I’m guessing they are digitally printed. The
       colours are solid and the detail is good. I’m   interspersed around the white print. As
       not sure where the March image originates,   they say, it’s all there in black and white! I
       but there is some pixellation which shows   quite liked this collection, feeling it would
       up under close inspection. Interestingly,   be better housed in a stronger case if
       Richard’s membership number on his sheets   available. A good composite eff ort, produced
       diff ers from that on the ‘contents’ page.   by an encouraging number of contributing
       Curiouser and curiouser . . .         members.
         The only month left, February, and   Shropshire Branch
       the back and front covers, are printed
       by Anke Ueberberg. She has done the   entry – Wings
       acknowledgements with letterpress on
       100gsm bond, and the layout is beautifully   hropshire Branch’s entry is a 16-page
       balanced and clear to read. The front cover,   compilation in A5 landscape format,
       printed yellow on orange board, could do  Sbound at the left with plastic. Its
       with a few more layers of ink to beef up   theme is ‘Wings’ and, goodness me, they
       the image (or use silk screen?). Likewise   have searched high and low to fi nd ‘things
       the various (wood) letters of ‘February’,   with wings’. There is a selection of suitable
       carefully scattered about the page (must   subjects on the front cover, printed by the
       have been a nightmare to set and lock-up)   Criddles. Here’s a few for tasters: Oozlum
       could do with a lot more ink, being printed   birds; Hospitals; Simurghs; Uroboros;
       white on beige board, and then overprinted   Dragons; Huitzilopochtli. I could go on, but
       in black with the dates of the month cleverly   there are almost sixty. Plenty of scope, then.
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