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|  The Rosen Award |                                       |  Continued  |

                                             full colour litho to hand-set letterpress,
                                             travelling via linocut and digital colour.
                                             There is a full range of stock, from 80gsm
                                             bond to various grades of tinted board,
                                             including a mould-made tinted board
                                             225gsm, 290 micron, from Helen Westhrop.
                                             Her printed off ering is a combination of
                                             letterpress and two-colour Linocut. The
                                             colour background on ‘August’ looks a little
                                             thin, and her imprints on the reverse look
                                             very slightly askew, but otherwise are very
                                             appealing. I’m impressed by Paul Hatcher’s
                                             ‘June’ and ‘October’: both are printed in
                                             two-colour letterpress, and I love the good
                                             old-fashioned Adana calendar sets (they
                                             don’t date, do they – or maybe they do!).
                                             Seriously though, Paul’s layout is exactly
                                             right, only a tiny amount of embossing
                                             but perfect inking on tinted board. Chris
                                             Daniells’ sheets are also letterpress, in black
                                             on 280 micron tinted board (similar to
                                             Paul’s – Vanguard brand?). He off ers ‘July’
               Paul Hatcher - Maidenhead
       showing him in attendance at Branch
       meetings and outings with the inscription
       stating that he is sadly missed and that
       this publication is the fi rst Rosen Book
       that he has not been a part of. I am sure
       he would have been proud of all your 2016
         A remarkable production, showing
       entrepreneurial skills and illustrating what
       can be achieved as a corporate publication,
       which is surely what the Rosen Award is all
       about. Thank you and I trust you will allow
       me to add your book to my collection.
       Maidenhead Branch
       entry – Calendar 2017

              aidenhead Branch’s entry is
              presented in a disc case (as used
       Mfor CD-ROMs and DVDs). Each
       sheet (fourteen of them) is approx. 12 x
       13.5cms. Printing methods vary, from        Helen Westhrop - Maidenhead
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