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which press was used, so I cannot say much     The well-known and evocative poem,
       more at this stage.                   The Brook (I come from haunts of coot and
         Overall, Essex has produced an attractive,   hern) is next, complete with a lovely sketch
       well-printed readable corporate eff ort. There   of the Mill Race nicely letterpress printed on
       are very few errors and I like it!    a 1960 Korrex Berlin Press.
                                               Then, turning over to the back of the
       Lincolnshire Branch:                  publication, you open up a very clever
       ‘Lincolnshire                         picture of a New York Skyline composed by
       Poachings’                            letterpress border units with the caption ‘I
                                             love New York’. Well, I love the clever use of
                                             the border pieces.
               hat a joy it was to open the
               envelope and discover this. It was     This is followed by a full-page illustration
       Was if it was made just for me! I     extolling the joys of stealing game as
       have a large collection of ‘Pop up’ Cards and   expressed in the folk song ‘The Lincolnshire
       publications and so can appreciate the craft   Poacher’. The caption explains that it was
       and skill that has gone into the making of   poached from the pavement at Lincoln
       this magnifi cent production. The back cover   Castle during the Branch visit in 2016. Then
       explains the whole procedure and is very   the full lyrics of that song are produced as
       informative and an absolute necessity to the   you open up the next section which also
       understanding of the production process.  has four miniature pictures, presumably
         Ten pop-up excitements await the reader   of Lincolnshire, as the pictures are not
       as they open each section, the fi rst being   captioned.
       ‘poached’ from the original entry of the 1994     Next on the menu is a beautiful seascape
       Branch Publication, appropriately designed   entitled ‘Morning Light on Theddlethorpe
       by the founder member Bernard Rosen,   Beach’ by a local artist, Jack Stainton.
       illustrating a printer’s devil setting a trap     An emotive remembrance of Lincolnshire
       on an Adana 85 for a poacher printer. This   Branch member Robin Clarke follows.
       makes a great start to the pages.     Nice photographs of Robin are reproduced
         Then a beautifully printed map of
       the area in which to go a-poaching
       followed by an advertisement for
       Britain’s (no apostrophe used in the
       sheet – tut-tut) oldest remaining
       classic one-day cycle race, still to
       be held as I write this review on
       14th May 2017. This is multicolour
       printed showing the track and many
       impressionist cycles.
         Another map. This time in black
       only but showing where the 3,491
       Bomber Command aircraft took off
       from. It was sad to read that 46% of
       all Bomber Command’s casualties
       were based in Lincolnshire.                  Charles Hull - Lincolnshire

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