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|  The Rosen Award |                                       |  Continued  |

                                                   detail about its predecessor ‘Eryngo’
                                                   or ‘Sea Holly’. Tasting of liquorice, it
                                                   was candied and fed to maidens as
                                                   appropriate. There’s a short poem
                                                   describing its administration, but
                                                   modesty prevents my going further!
                                                   Alan’s printing in Sage green of
                                                   a block is well done. No braille
                                                   impression, perfect ink coverage
                                                   and a balanced layout.
                                                     Chris Brinson, with a two-sided,
                                                   two-colour piece on 90gsm tinted
                                                   bond, depicting Harvest Mice and
                                                   the perils they face around harvest
                                                   time, has very cleverly printed two
                Lincolnshire Poachings       quite large (19 x 6 cms) blocks in green,
                                             plus in red, two short poems. The blocks are
       page plus a lovely pic of a butterfl y on a   perfectly printed, as are the verses. As Jenny
       Buddleia bush. On photo quality paper it   Brinson’s name appears on the reverse, I’m
       is just beautiful and almost immaculate   assuming she helped in this lovely job, and
       (an unnecessary apostrophe…). Preceding   may have written the poems as well.
       this page is an unidentifi ed item (it may be    The fi nal item, from Mike Perry, tells us
       Margaret Rookes’s) entitled ‘Ringer’s Wood’.   about the Saff ron Crocus. He has chosen
       The pinks and oranges of the woodland   230 micron white matt board, and printed
       scene are fantastic, and defi nitely benefi t   an image of the crocus in predominantly
       from being printed on matt paper. I won’t   mauve, and also a small scale map of Essex.
       comment about spelling anomalies, because   I have to say that I think it might have given
       they may be quirks of the un-named poet!  a better result if coated board had been
         Also in full colour, from Len Friend are   available. There is no information as to
       fi ve pages of, successively, bluebells,
       green-winged orchids, heather, a
       red squirrel, and some tasty-looking
       blackberries. The stock used is 170
       micron coated board, but there is
       no indication of which machine was
       used. All I can say is that the pages
       are well up to Len’s usual standard.
       The brightness of the colour
       indicates good choice of stock and
         Now for some letterpress off erings.
       Alan Brignull’s composition well
       illustrates the ‘sex’ part of Essex, as
       he not only mentions that well-
       known aphrodisiac Oysters, but gives much   Graham Jackson - Lincolnshire
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