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|  The Rosen Award |                                       |  Continued  |

                                             of fancy are by a younger member of our
                                             fraternity, for who of my age would want to
                                             go on more trains these days? Yes, I would
                                             like to go sailing, although as I don’t have a
                                             boat I couldn’t use it more, and I only have
                                             one car so would not be able to get my cars
                                             on the road. I could go cycling, if I still had
                                             my old trusty and rusty bicycle if my stiff
                                             legs would allow me, but most certainly, I
                                             would agree with Nick, I would really love
                                             to relax – not as a fl ight of fancy but as a
                                             reality. Congratulations on a well-illustrated
                                             and thoughtful piece of printing.
                                               The next contribution in the book
                                             illustrates a stock block shovel, printed in
                                             black, a snowman printed in silver and a
                                             little ditty about slippery pavements because

              Chris. & Jenny Brinson - Essex
       printed on what? This publication gives
       me much to think about every page I turn.
       Is it printed on duplex paper or has the
       craftsman very cleverly and carefully printed
       the mottled blue/green side of the white
       paper? If this is in fact the case, then he
       is certainly an expert printer. But if it is a
       duplex paper, please tell where you obtained
       it for it really does add to the interest of the
         Was it a real fl ight in the now defunct
       Concorde, or a mere ‘fl ight of fancy’? Again
       I can’t make up my mind, which I suspect
       is part of the cleverness of this publication.
       Excellently composed and printed in three
       colours, undoubtedly by letterpress.
         I expect that the next sheet of six fl ights   Margaret Rookes - Essex
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