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the reverse printed surprisingly well in   Nevertheless I really enjoyed this item and
       light blue on the dark blue board, perhaps   felt the message was true to many of us
       a heavier typeface might have reduced   letterpress printers – happy to do all sorts
       eyestrain. A lovely contribution.     with the type except diss it!
         Two eyes made from six exclamation     What an outstanding leaf was next, a
       marks and four parentheses stare at you as   brilliantly produced set of initial letters
       an introduction to the next leaf. You have   where every dot and nuance of each
       to make up your own mind on whether   character was clear and well-defi ned. This
       the eyes are open or closed. I fancy they   says a great deal about the expertise of the
       are closed, although the blurb asks you   digitiser at the Bridport Type Foundry. Not
       to shut your eyes and open your mind,   much more is needed to be said, except
       but whatever, they are a very clever piece   perhaps to ask if the Chiswick crest was also
       of typographic art and the whole is well   produced at the Bridport Foundry which is
       letterpress printed in three colours.
       Great fun.
        Many people’s fl ight of fancy
       is next – a million pound win
       on the National Lottery. Again
       letterpress printed in red and
       black on parchment paper using a
       traditional letterpress stock block
       for the illustration. I wonder if this
       was purchased at a BPS Convention
       at some time in the past? The
       printer was inventive enough to use
       a numbering box on the reverse to
       indicate his BPS number. Perhaps
       not enough pressure was used on the
       platen to get a clear number, but I
       like the idea.                                 George Webb - Dorset
         Next was an item that has intrigued me
       ever since I saw it. On the surface it looks   also of excellent quality, and what happened
       like a forme of type locked up in a Cropper-  to all the full points in the colophon text?
       Charlton chase. But is it metal type, or   Too many were missing to think it was
       composition type? Are the letter spaces   unintentional, but I wonder about the
       type-high and will they therefore print when   reasoning for their omission.
       inked? What is the grey background? Is it     Beatrice Warde’s famous words were
       the bed of the machine or has the forme   the next off ering printed in Baskerville
       been placed on a galley for photography?   and Glint Border in grey and maroon, a
       Very intriguing, but oh, I wish the type   favourite colour combination of mine.
       had been set as a professional compositor   Expertly laid out and letterpress printed
       would have set it and photographed    with a clear and easily read colophon of
       as a compositor would have read it    information. A dignifi ed piece of work.
       instead of creating an interesting picture    Two fl ying ff ’s and a bold B fl ipped and
       which, however, is not true to the craft.   turned to make an eye-catching item. But
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