Page 10 - June2017
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|  The Rosen Award |                |  Colin Angior (4219) & Ron Prosser (9405)  |

             nce again, we have been
             favoured with the task
       Oof judging the entries for
       the Rosen Award, this time for
       2016. We are very pleased to see
       that fi ve branches have compiled
       presentations to compete for the
       award. This year the Society has
       provided a replacement trophy, in
       the form of a silver cup, with plenty
       of room for engraving the names of
       successive winners.
         The following descriptions of the
       entries are in alphabetical order,
       and the winning branch will be
       announced elsewhere in Small
       Printer.                                      Roderic Findlay - Dorset
       Dorset Branch                         what to expect and to ensure that I didn’t
                                             miss this fact, I was treated to two copies
             orset Printers Pie, Flight of Fancy,   of the Title Page! I did like the fact that
             makes a real impact on the reader.   the year 2016 was set in a curve to help
       DI loved it as an excellent piece of   the appearance of being part of the pie
       cooperative printing and was disappointed   dish but I was left wondering about the
       when I reached the last page that there was   missing apostrophe in the title. Should it
       not more to enjoy, so thank you, Dorset   have been Dorset Printer’s Pie indicating
       Branch.                               one printer who had produced that sheet,
         The Cover and Title Page made it clear   or Dorset Printers’ Pie to include all who
                                                   had contributed to the book? The
                                                   fact that there was no apostrophe
                                                   perhaps showed that the printer was
                                                   not sure either. Or was it a clever
                                                   ruse to leave it up to the reader to
                                                   decide for themselves? I hope the
                                                     The quotation by Vladimir
                                                   Nabokov printed in white, a brave
                                                   thing to do, and a delightful green
                                                   ivy leaf border on a midnight blue
                                                   board made a striking contribution:
                                                   well designed, thought through
                                                   and letterpress printed. It was
                                                   just a little disappointing to see
                                                   the slurring on the y V m and v
               Suzanne Parsons - Dorset      on the bottom two lines. The colophon on
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