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|  Some Ruminations of 1894 |                        |  Ron Prosser  (9405)  |

       I                                     provision for certain eleemosynary (don’t
          am always fascinated by Bob
          Richardson’s articles in Small Printer
                                             you love that word, eleemosynary? which
          and was so again with his article The
       Story of Soldan’s in the May issue, and   I have now discovered means ‘charitable’)
                                             purposes consisting of Technical Printing
       in particular to the reference to the stock   Schools, Libraries and including Washing
       blocks then available from Soldan’s but   Baths!’
       previously shown by Schilling & Co.     An address at the Opening Ceremony
         In my own book, 1894 Artistic Printing   by The Lord Mayor, Sir Joseph Renals,
       in Newport, I illustrated some humorous   congratulated the vicar upon having such
       and delightful                                          a magnifi cent
       Gnome Border                                            building in the
       blocks by Schilling                                     parish. If such
       & Co. from The                                          buildings had
       Printing World                                          existed years ago,
       bound volumes I                                         he said, there
       have of 1894 (see                                       would not now be
       examples). I think                                      so many working
       they are great,                                         men walking the
       and could even                                          streets out of
       still appeal in the                                     employment. He
       sophisticated world                                     hoped to be able to
       of 2017 graphic                                         contribute to the
       design.                                                 reference library a
        I remember                                             complete fi le of The
       Soldan’s as a                                           Times. (I wonder
       viable company                                          if he ever did, and
       in my early days                                        if Bob’s researches
       of printing, but                                        have uncovered it.)
       I didn’t realise                                         Alderman
       until Bob’s article                                     Treloar then
       that they were                                          gave an address
       the purveyors of                                        concluding with
       Locarno Italic Type                                     “the proceedings
       Face. Until the 2017                                    augured well for
       Convention I had                                        the future and if
       some founts of this elegant face; they are   loyally supported and wisely controlled,
       now in the lucky hands of a new owner to   the St Bride’s Foundation Institute may in
       whom they were transferred during the   due season become the centre and rallying
       Bring and Buy Sale, and I hope they will be   point of Pan-Britannic Printerdom. On
       sensitively used once again.          the other hand, if thoroughly muddled
        In The Printing World of 1894 there is   and mismanaged, it may all too easily
       also an informative article on the opening   sink to the level of a local working men’s
       of the St Bride’s Foundation Institute   club; from which fate, may the genius loci
       on Tuesday 20th November 1894 in      generously defend it.”
       which the objects were stated as ‘to make
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