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accurate enough.                      5: A Typescale. A ruler marked in printers’
       2: Tweezers. Individual pieces of type   measures, at least in 12pt ems, and often
       and spacing need to be handled at some   in several other sizes of em. Modern
       point, and a good pair of straight metal   metal ones are more accurate than the
       tweezers about 10cm long with narrow   old wooden ones. Useful for checking
                                             such things as furniture sizes, but
                                             essential for drawing up layout sketches
                                             (which of course you should be doing . . .).
                                             6: A Cutting Board, Steel Straight Edge,
                                             and a Craft Knife. You inevitably need to
                                             cut up large sheets of paper that won’t
                                             fi t in your guillotine (which is another
                                             essential piece of kit, but not a minor
                                             sundry of the kind I’m listing here).
                                             7: Sundry Stationery Items. Obvious ones
                                             like scissors, Sellotape, masking tape and
                                             especially double-sided tape.
                                             8: Minor Metal-work Tools. At least a
                                             fl at ‘rat-tail’ fi le (small narrow one) for
                                             use with pieces of type, and a hacksaw;
                                             possibly a small vice and pair of pliers.
                                             9: Ordinary (sewing) pins. Used with care
                                             for removing dirt from type. As type is
                                             relatively soft, beware of the danger of
                                             scratching it.
                                             10: Paint Stripper. Used to clean off
                   Setting Rules             dried ink (which if you are a paragon of
                                             cleanliness, will only be on second-hand
       points milled on the inside seem best.   type, although I fi nd I use it rather more
       Plastic and eyebrow tweezers are pretty   often.) I was recently tipped off that
       useless.                              ‘Home Strip Paint & Varnish Remover’
       3: Type Brush. A stiff scrubbing brush   from Tool Station was good, and have
       about 8x12cm with bristles about 1cm,   started using that, as my old stand-by
       used chiefl y to clean the forme before   ‘Nitromors’ has changed formula and is
       printing. I still use my original one, and   no longer effective. (This shows that BPS
       have found more recent ones (eg nail   membership is also a useful thing to have,
       brushes) too soft to be effective.    so you get tips like this, but I didn’t think it
       4: A Linen Tester. This is a folding   could be seen as a ‘sundry’.)
       magnifi er that focuses automatically   Useful but not essential
       on the surface you sit it on. Invaluable   11: Solvent dispenser. A bottle with a top
       when it comes to checking for faults   that lets you release a small amount at
       such as poor inking. I recently found one   a time. Helps avoid waste, spillages and
       on the internet with a built-in light, but   fumes. If you use anything vaguely like
       unfortunately the lens is very poor, and it   a drinks bottle, remember to label it to
       has proved useless.                   avoid accidents.
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