Page 3 - July 2017
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|  From The Editor |                                 |  Chris Green (7614)  |

       I                                     to have such cover, so see page 164 for
           was quite fascinated by the cover
           of this month’s magazine. Whoever
                                             further details of this.
           would have thought that there are so
       many different variations of a gnome?     Great news that once again we have
                                             an active Bristol Branch (see page
       (One might also ask where these would   167). Older members may remember
       be used, but that’s another matter.) You   the Branch of bygone years, in which
       may find an answer in Ron Prosser’s   familiar names such as John Eickhoff
       article on page 156.                  played a major part. The rebirth looks
         Anyone starting out in letterpress   extremely promising, with names such
       will soon find that there are some small   as Angie Butler (see the February 2016
       pieces of equipment that are essential   issue of Small Printer – she was the
       – and others that they can manage very   guest speaker at the Bristol Convention),
       well without. Over the page John Easson   and Ian Knight (who has written a
       goes into great detail about what you   book review (page 161) for this month’s
       need and what you don’t. Here I will add   magazine) to the fore. We wish them
       my own contribution – I use an old Lea   well.
       & Perrins Worcestershire sauce bottle     On your way through this month’s
       (the sort with a plastic insert in the   magazine you will have come across
       neck) as a ‘solvent dispenser’ and I find   a couple of notices from the Society
       that this does the job very well.     of vacancies that need to be filled
         Later in the magazine Katherine     – in particular the Editor and the
       Anteney brings us right up to date with   Membership Secretary. Neither post
       the dreaded (by some) Social Media. On   requires attendance at EC meetings,
       the day that I am writing this, an article   but each is vital to the running of the
       in the Daily Telegraph claims that 48%   Society. Please give some consideration
       of 65-74-year-olds and 41% of over-   as to whether you could give some of
       75s have a social media profile; this is   your time to the Society to help in either
       apparently up from just 19% last year.   of these positions.
       It would be foolish to pretend that this     Ending on a positive note, you will
       isn’t here to stay, so read Katherine’s   see (on page 163) that Tony Jewell has
       excellent article to find out (a lot) more   agreed to take on the role of Mailer.
       about it. What’s the difference between   Tony has been a strong supporter of
       @ and #? See page 160!                the Society for many decades and it is
         This paragraph is addressed mainly to   comforting to know that this important
       Branch Secretaries. Did you know that   post is in safe hands.
       the Society pays for insurance that will
       provide Public Liability cover for any
       events that you might hold, such as Open   Views expressed by individual authors are
       Days? Occasionally the hall where such   not necessarily the views of the Society.
       events are held will require the Branch   All advertisements are accepted in
                                             good faith, the Society cannot take
                                             responsibility regarding the condition of
       Cover Image: Gnome Border blocks by   the goods sold from the advertisements
       Schilling & Co. See Ron Prosser’s article   nor can it vouch for the accuracy of any
       on page 156.                          statements in any advertisement.
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