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appearance than in operation. On the
       next table by way of contrast was a
       little Adana 5x3 brought by one of our
       new recruits, Kevin Dodman. Next to
       him sat Sarah Surrey making linocuts
       to print on her Adana 8x5, and further
       on was another 8x5 from Ron Rookes
       printing glint-themed beermats. Next
       to him Chris Brinson was operating
       a third 8x5 to proof a selection of
       blocks, while handing out surprising
       quantities of souvenir bookmarks and
       bunny-copters. Finally, the Hedgehog
       Press Adana Horizontal Quarto
       was available for visitors to print a
       keepsake with their name.
       Unsurprisingly, at a museum
       dedicated to old machinery, everyone
       who stopped to chat seemed to have
       their own enthusiasm. One turned
       out to have a house full of clocks,
       another had a garage fi lled with
       vintage lawnmowers. Nearly everyone   Len setting up the chase for the Ajax Major
       seemed to have at least one vintage   car or motorbike and Chris’s collection
                                             of old blocks sparked lively debate as
                                             to the precise identity of the various
                                             vehicles depicted. Several people
                                             stopped to chat and reminisce about
                                             their career in ‘the trade’, leading to
                                             interesting conversations about the
                                             printing history of the region and
                                             some surprising coincidences.
                                             At four o’clock it was time to wash up
                                             and pack up the stand — we’ve done
                                             it before and it didn’t take long. Even
                                             the folding pergolas packed away
                                             without trouble. Len produced a pile
                                             of rubber blanket and paper offcuts
                                             from his car, which were pounced on
                                             and shared out in seconds. Everyone
                                             went home tired, but it was defi nitely
                                             a successful day.

        Printing on the Adana Horizontal Quarto               Alan Brignull (4800)

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