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|  Branch Reports |                                        |  Continued  |

       open-access printmaking studio at     Essex Branch
       Bristol Harbourside, where I have
       picked up additional printmaking skills   May Meeting
       including linocut, etching and drypoint
       techniques. In my free-time, I operate    he Essex Branch’s outing to
       under the Leap Valley Press imprint       the Old Time Rally at Langford
       with an 1867 demy-folio Harrild Albion  TMuseum of Power on 14 May
       handpress, a Rollaco Gem etching      threatened to live up to its previous
       press, an early Adana 8x5 and my      record for inclement weather, as
       printer’s mate Ollie, a very large and   members drove through the rain
       noisy Maine Coon cat!
         Finally, I would like to put out a
       call for help from the wider BPS
         We are keen to discover more
       about the former Bristol Branch,
       where they met, any interesting or
       amusing anecdotes to tell, and fi nally
       information about any logo that the
       branch may have used that we could
       possibly resurrect.
                           Ian Knight (10750)

                                             Sarah printing one of her Linocuts on her
                                                         Adana 8x5

                                             to get there. By the start time of 10
                                             o’clock, however, the skies were
                                             clearing and it turned out to be a
                                             memorable day with warm sunshine,
                                             enjoyed to a soundtrack of steam
                                             whistles and occasional asthmatic
                                             wheezing from Marshall, the giant
                                             Lilleshall engine inside the pumping
                                             We had six presses set up, inked and
                                             printing. The largest, in the hands of
        Printing Glint Keepsakes at the Langford   Len Friend, was an Ajax Major, which
                 Museum of Power
                                             turned out to be more impressive in
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