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Branch Reports

       Bristol Branch                        blank books, journals and bespoke
                                             stationery by hand from a workshop
       We’re back!                           using traditional bookbinding
                                             techniques and materials and
         t’s a little over one year on from   incorporating letterpress as much
         the Bristol BPS Convention, where   as possible. His workshop houses
       IBob Edwards seized upon a perfect    an Arab Foolscap Platen, a Charlton
       opportunity to re-establish the Bristol   Cropper Improved Peerless, a Farley
       Branch whilst the spotlight was       fl atbed and a couple of Adanas (8x5
       fi rmly on a city that has both a long   and HS/2) as well as foil blockers,
       commercial printing heritage as well   guillotines, book presses and other
       as a vibrant present-day Arts scene,   paraphernalia which has all been
       where a new breed of letterpress      artfully manoeuvred to fi t within
       printer was re-acquiring old type and   millimetres of the available space a
       presses, and even taking them for     domestic garage can hold.
       rides across Europe on the back of      Angie Butler – Treasurer
       specially-built bicycles!               Angie Butler is an artist and
         With Bob’s ample encouragement      researcher based in Bristol. She works
       and infectious enthusiasm, and a      under the imprint of ABPress, making
       willing core of local BPS members, the   artists’ books and ephemera, most
       fi rst two meetings of a new Bristol   of which is printed letterpress. She is
       group occurred in the following       currently writing up her PhD thesis,
       months, and despite the impact of     which investigates the practice of
       the very sad loss of our dear friend   the contemporary letterpress printed
       Simon Smallwood at the end of 2016,   artist’s book maker in the UK. Three
       we held together to put the wheels    of her case studies are BPS members.
       in motion to seek approval to make    She has a print shop in the ‘dining
       the Bristol BPS Branch a reality again   room’ at home which houses a
       at the AGM at the highly enjoyable    Vandercook No.4 precision cylinder
       Newport BPS convention.               press and a Peerless No.1 treadle
         So, without any further ado, I’d like   platen press plus two guinea pigs,
       to introduce you to our current core   Stephenson and Blake.
       Bristol BPS membership.                 And that leaves me, Ian Knight, the
         Rob Kendrew – Chairman              Branch Secretary.
         After 35 years in book production     During my time working in the
       for a number of major publishers      IT industry for just over 30 years,
       dealing day-to-day with some of the   beginning at Rolls-Royce Aero Engines
       largest printers and binders in Asia   as a mainframe programmer in the
       and Europe, Rob Kendrew decided       1980s, I re-discovered letterpress
       to become one himself, albeit on a    printing, something I was last exposed
       much smaller scale. He works under    to during my school days using an
       the guise of paperwallah and has      Ajax desktop platen to create tickets
       set up a workshop in Bradford on      for the school Film Society screenings.
       Avon from where he makes beautiful    I am a member of the Spike Print
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