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|  Mystery press |                                         |  The Editor  |

              alcom Perry [8331] has very    member had ‘jammed’ the ink disc so it
              kindly sent me a letter in     wouldn’t rotate, put a piece of sellotape
       Mresponse to the request for          down the middle of the disc, and put
       information on the press shown on page   two different colours either side of the
       111 of the May issue. He says:        sellotape, then proceeded to print two
         “Regarding the ‘Mystery Press’ in this   colours on the same ‘pull’. Ingenious!”
       month’s SP, I think it is an Adana press     Perhaps you came up with the same
       that has been adapted for two-colour   answer – but Malcolm was the only one
       work, e.g. red and blue on the same ‘pull’.  to write in. Thank you, Malcolm.
         “To reinforce my theory you will notice
       on the rollers there are two different
       shades of ink; the left-hand side of
       the roller is darker than the right. This
       machine would save a great deal of time,
       particularly on a long run of two-colour
       cards of say 2,000. Instead of being 2,000
       ‘pulls’ for the red and 2,000 for the blue,
       there would be just 2,000.
         “The only other mention of this which I
       have heard came a number of years ago,
       again in SP, when an article stated that a

                          EVENT INSURANCE                        B R I T I S H  ‡  P R I N T I N G  ‡  S O C I E T Y

                  B R I T I S H  ‡  P R I N T I N G  ‡  S O C I E T Y

          The Society has arranged Public Liability Insurance for those
            who arrange Open Days or similar events during the year.

             The indemnity limit is £ 2,000,000 but excludes the fi rst
             £250 of each claim. The number of people attending the
           event must be less than 250 and the maximum number of
                               events each year is 15.

          If you are holding an event please let the Treasurer know the
                 details as he needs to notify insurers each year.

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