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|  Seed Paper |                                    |  Pat Swadling  (10453)  |

            o celebrate our Golden Wedding
            anniversary we decided to go on a
       Tcruise to the Baltic, probably not an
       area which immediately springs to mind
       for letterpress printing. Still, like all good
       tourists we went round the shops at the
       various ports of call, seeing all the usual
       tourist items for sale – incidentally, they
       are big on amber in that part of the world.
         Then we visited a rather nice port
       called Tallin and – lo and behold – guess
       what we found in one shop? That’s right;
       some letterpress printing. It took the
       form of Seed Paper, a handmade paper
       impregnated with wild fl ower seeds, which
       apparently will grow if you put oil and
       paper on top of the card.
         Something I had never seen before, so I
       couldn’t resist, but I won’t be ‘planting’ it.
       Just shows, you never know what you will
       fi nd . . . or where!

                             New Mailer                          B R I T I S H  ‡  P R I N T I N G  ‡  S O C I E T Y

                  B R I T I S H  ‡  P R I N T I N G  ‡  S O C I E T Y
                   Please note, the new Society Mailer is:

                                 Tony Jewell
              51 Lynton Road South, Gravesend, Kent,

                                    DA11 7NE
                        Telephone: 01474 748532


           320 copies of all bundle items for inclusion in Small Printer
            should be sent to him by the 25th of the previous month

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