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|  Durer title-page |                                |  Chris Green (7614)  |

             or some years I have had a small   arms on it with some words in German.
             zinco plate that has always been   Nick has very kindly (and cleverly)
       Fa mystery to me. I have no idea      identifi ed it as a reproduction of the
       what it is, where I got it, or how long   title-page of a book on fortifi cation
       I have had it; but during innumerable   that was written by Albrecht Durer and
       (and infrequent) fl urries of tidying-up   published in 1527. The  plate measures
       it has simply just been there.        roughly 13 x 8cm, and Nick says this

         I have never really been sure just   is about 50% of the size of the original
       what it depicted, but I took it along to   book, which would have been a small
       the Newport Convention earlier this   folio.
       year. Quite by chance, Nick Smith       So that’s one mystery solved, thanks
       [member 7951], from Cambridge,        to Nick. I still have no idea how it
       spotted it and off ered to take a proof of   came into my possession, but I should
       it. A few days later he sent me a couple   be very happy to pass it on. If you are
       of pulls, and the result appears above.  interested, please contact me – you will
         As you can see, it shows a coat of   fi nd my details in the Membership List.
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