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|  Letterpress and social media | |  Katherine Anteney (10784)  |

       – instagramming the Society

             fter the Sunday morning         others posts.
             discussion at the Convention in     Extra Type Fact (I know John Easson
       ANewport I went and did some          will like this): Facebook favours Lucida
       thinking about ways of getting the    Grande (Mac) and Tahoma (PC) for
       Society a wider audience. The dreaded   its text in the web interface, and for
       words ‘social media’ sprang instantly to   mobile, uses the system defaults
       mind.                                 Helvetica Neue (iOS) and Roboto
         Social Media is an all-encompassing   (Android).
       term for ‘ways to lose hours of your life     The BPS already has a fairly active
       to things that are not really there’. It   twitter feed, which you can fi nd with
       can be a complete drain on your time   @bpsnetuk. Twitter is a great way to share
       and you can look up from your phone,   news about what’s happening here
       tablet or desktop to wonder where the   and now. You can see things that other
       day went. Alternatively it can be used   people have posted and retweeted
       as a great networking and learning    them (that is, pass them on). Originally
       tool – a place to make virtual friends   you couldn’t post photos but these
       that become real and to share skills and   days you can. You can’t write great
       ideas.                                long tracts as tweets are limited to 140
         There are loads of different Social   characters. I fi nd Twitter personally a
       Media Platforms. Let’s have a look at a   bit diffi cult to follow as I only look at it
       few of them:                          every few days – you can fi nd that you
         Many of us will have a Facebook     have missed so much. It’s ideal if you
       page. Facebook is a great way to      can dip in and out during the day.
       keep in touch with family and friends     Several BPS members are on Twitter:
       and join groups dedicated to hobbies,   @quartopress, @JHillbrow,
       etc. Personally I fi nd it seems to be   @semplepress, @mostlyfl at, @digicat44,
       full of people who just want to tell   @carpathian_type, @anteneyk . . . I’m
       you what they had for breakfast and   sure I have missed loads!
       how far they ran this morning – what     So set yourself up with an account
       the youth call ‘humble bragging’, I am   and start following people. Don’t forget
       reliably informed. Conversations can   when you post a tweet to use your
       easily go off topic and become slightly   hashtags. This will help other people
       antagonistic. At the moment the BPS   fi nd your tweets. Hashtag important
       does not have a Facebook presence,    words in the tweet like #letterpress or
       but it may be useful to have one      the type face you are using, or the press
       that refl ects the information on the   you are working on – and don’t forget, if
       webpage and where news about the      it’s letterpress related, to #bpsuk. If we
       Convention can be posted. You can also   all use the same hashtag for the society
       make events which may be useful of    we will build up more of a presence on
       Print ’n’ Paper days, the Convention or   Twitter.
       Waygooses (wayzgeese?). A page can      Extra Type Fact: Twitter recently
       be easily set up and can have several   underwent a high-profi le font change,
       admins that can post to it and approve   returning to Helvetica Neue for the web
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