Page 9 - January 2017
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the operation of one of the more
       fascinating items of his collection, a small
       mechanical tool for casting individual
       pieces of lead display type, known as a
         After emerging from Simon’s press
       room and equally impressive wood-
       working workshop, we were treated to
       a display of the many pieces of Simon’s
       work. Instead of carrying out jobbing
       work for others, Simon has always
       preferred to embark on a wide variety
       of printing projects primarily for his own
       satisfaction, including making prints of
       beautifully detailed wood engravings,
       copper-plate etchings, multi-coloured
       linocuts and some very amusing and
       witty pieces of his favourite poetry and
       verse. The freedom to pursue his own
       ideas has permitted Simon to deliver
       some very varied and interesting pieces,   Simon demonstrates the multicaster
       including a diminutive book entitled the   with a page size measuring a mere
       Cryptic Alphabet (now in its third edition),   45mm by 65mm, and some beautiful
                                                          work with his impressive
                                                          collection of Granjon
                                                          Arabesque border pieces.
                                                            However, like all
                                                          successful events, this
                                                          one managed to draw to
                                                          a close far too quickly,
                                                          but it was great to realise
                                                          that after a second
                                                          successful meet-up of
                                                          local BPS members,
                                                          an application for
                                                          reformation of the Bristol
                                                          branch must be the next
                                                          logical step to take.

                                                            Please see the sad
                                                          news regarding Simon on
                                                          page 15.

                The Small Wood Press Workshop
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