Page 5 - January 2017
P. 5

the “Monotype Rarities” fi le contains faces   carried out a great purge of typefaces
       which few readers of Small Printer will   which were unpopular, slow-selling
       recognise. Iriquois, Jocunda, Lutetia,   or obsolete. In 1964 just 22 faces were
       Leysbourne, Littleworth, Gustavus,    withdrawn from sale, but that doubled to
       Pegasus, Surrey Old Style, Shakespeare   44 the following year. Nineteen-sixty-six
       Titling, Solus, Trojan, Veronese,     saw just ten deletions, but the 1967 purge
       Wenceslas Script and Wigan are just a   was quite spectacular in its scale. Looking
       handful of the examples illustrated. As   through the long list of Monotype series
       I fl icked through the pages of deleted   numbers - and there are 1,000 or more -
       designs recently I was reminded of a   each representing a specifi c design, the eye
       poem published in The Guardian in 1963   is drawn to the column indicating status
       lamenting the closure of railway stations   and the repeated mantra ‘Withdrawn in
       with quirky names during Dr Beeching’s   1967’, representing over 10% of the stock,
       programme of rail rationalisation. A   or almost 130 designs, then available to
       cheap-day return from Leysbourne to   Monotype customers.
       Littleworth you say? That’ll be one-and-   The fi rst sign of the forthcoming
       ninepence, thank you.                 decimation came with a supplementary
         In 1967, the Monotype Corporation   page issued by Monotype for the specimen

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