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|  From The Editor |                                 |  Chris Green (7614)  |

             nother year, another death. Just   after year). This April we shall, sadly,
             before this magazine went to    be without some of our more stalwart
       Apress we were advised that Simon     supporters (Bob Edwards and Simon
       Smallwood had passed away. Regular    Smallwood among them). Bookings are
       Convention-goers will have known      coming in but there is still time – just –
       Simon – always enthusiastic and very   for you to complete a Booking Form. The
       knowledgeable. His home and printing   venue is not far from that of last year:
       workshop, in Bath, hosted a recent    it’s on the left of the River Severn, rather
       meeting of the newly-formed Bristol   than the right. You may not have heard
       Group (soon, perhaps, to become the   that the toll to cross into Wales has gone
       Bristol Branch?) and this appears, quite   up to £6.70 (from 1 January): the good
       fortuitously, on page 8. This had been   news is that it’s free to leave!
       planned for inclusion in Small Printer for     A recurring theme in these editorial
       some time and it seems a fitting epitaph   letters is the lack of material being
       for the sad ending of a full and active life.  provided. For the past year we have
         Richardson followers will be delighted   managed to produce a 24-page magazine
       to find two pieces from Bob within these   each month (with the exception of
       pages. The first, on the next page, relates   a couple of months following the
       the slow but steady demise of many    Convention, which ran to 28 pages
       Monotype designs, matrices, punches   each). The outlook at present is that
       and patterns. It is an unusual letterpress   unless more material is received we shall
       printer that won’t have several cases of   be reducing the size to 20 pages on a
       Monotype faces to choose from.        couple of occasions. This usually begins a
         Bob’s second offering marks the start   circular argument, to do with value-for-
       of a short series, bringing to a greater   money and falling membership numbers,
       audience some of the more unusual     leading to fewer magazine contributions.
       and little-known artefacts about which   I’m sure you can write the details for
       information is held in the St Bride   yourself.
       Library.                                So let’s attack this before it starts. Put
         Pat Swadling continues his series   pen to paper – or get out the computer –
       in which he describes his early       and write something for Small Printer!
       apprenticeship. Most commercial, and   Call it a New Year’s Resolution, if you
       all professional, printers will have come   will.
       across various ‘Rules of Composition’ –
       see how you rate those from the Southern
       College of Art at the School of Printing,   Views expressed by individual authors
       set out on page 13.                   are not necessarily the views of the
         Another year, another Convention. No   Society.
       two are ever the same (which is possibly   All advertisements are accepted
       why the same members attend year      in good faith, the Society cannot
                                             take responsibility regarding the
                                             condition of the goods sold from the
       Cover Image: The Monotype Purge.      advertisements nor can it vouch for
       See the article ‘Death by Univers’ by   the accuracy of any statements in any
       Bob Richardson on page 4              advertisement.
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