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Diary of Events                Monday 8th May
                                             Maidenhead Branch
          Saturday 25th February             Meeting at Anke Ueberberg’s, Reading.
          Essex Branch
          Annual Lunch and AGM, The Grange, Boreham.  Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th May
                                             Artist’s Book Market
          Monday 6th March                   Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art,
          Maidenhead Branch                  Gateshead
          Meeting at Richard Owen’s, Cookham.
                                             Sunday 14th May
          Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th March  Chipping Campden Wayzgoose
          Print Week Live                    Chipping Campden.
          Ericson Exhibition Hall, Wasps Arena,
          Foleshill, Coventry, CV6 6GE.      Sunday 21st May
                                             St. Bride Foundation Wayzgoose
          Saturday 25th March                Bride Lane,Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 8EQ.
          Surrey and Sussex Branch
          Print ‘n’ Paper Open Day, Merstham.  Saturday 10th June
                                             Maidenhead Branch
          Tues 28th to Thurs 30th March      Meeting at Paul Hatcher’s, Reading.
          Sign & Digital UK 2017
          Halls 17-18, NEC, Birminghom.      Sunday 9th July
             Maidenhead Branch
                                             Dorothy Sydenham’s Barbeque, Thame.
          Saturday 15th April
          Maidenhead Branch                  Saturday 2nd September
          Meeting at Helen Westhrop’s, Reading.  Prestival
                                             The Whittington Press, nr Cheltenham,
          Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd April   Gloucestershire, GH54 4HF
          BPS Convention 2017
          Holiday Inn, Newport, South Wales,  Monday 18th September
          NP18 2YG.                          Maidenhead Branch
                                             Meeting at Anke Ueberberg’s, Reading.
          Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th April
          Printfest 2017                     Monday 2nd October
          Leicester Print Workshop, 50 St George   Maidenhead Branch
          Street, Leicester, LE1 1QG.        AGM at Dorothy Sydenham’s, Thame.

                                             11th to 13th October
          Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th May     The Print Show
          The London Original Print Fair     The International Centre, Telford.
          Royal Academy of Arts, London W1J 0BD.

          Branch meetings are open to all Society members. Anyone who plans to attend a
          meeting who is not a member of the Branch concerned should check with the
          Branch Secretary in case details have changed.

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