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Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Council of the British
                Printing Society held on Saturday 5th November, 2016
                      from 10.15 a.m. at The Raven Hotel, Hook.

         This is an edited version of the minutes. If you would like to know the wording in the
         full minutes, or would like an explanation of EC deliberations or policy, please apply in
         writing to the President, Jean Watson.
         Jean Watson President  (in the chair); Peter Salisbury Secretary; Robin Munday Treasurer;  Paul
         Hatcher Councillor; Ron Watson Councillor
         The President welcomed everyone to the meeting.  She reported that Bob Edwards had died
         in August and that she and 11 other Society members had attended the Thanksgiving service.
         Apologies for absence were received from Margaret Rookes PG Councillor and Ron Rookes
         Councillor. Ron had injured his ankle the day before.  The meeting wished him a speedy
         The Minutes of the Executive Council meeting held on 28th May 2016 were agreed and
         signed by the President.
         Branches: The Secretary reported that he and the President had received an email from Ian
         Knight, a member in Bristol asking for information on how to form a branch in that area. They
         replied accordingly and offered their support if requested.
         Maidenhead Branch – Richard Owen now Chairman.  Their website – which Bob Edwards
         hosted - had disappeared totally.  Being a personal website the Branch didn’t hold login
         details.  They would have to start from scratch.
         There was discussion of the update of the Rules There were various suggestions for
         amendments to the Rules and it was felt that a whole day should be put aside for this. It was
         also suggested to include job descriptions of the Executive and Non Executive Offi cers so that
         the whole membership had this information and maybe encouraged to apply.
         The President said that she had liaised with Ron Prosser and Dominic Hartley with regard to
         the 2017 Convention.  At Bob Edwards’ Thanksgiving service she gave a tribute at the request
         of Mrs Jane Edwards.
         The Treasurer presented the accounts to the end of September and projection to end of
         October. In view of the low balance we need to review subscription levels at the next EC
         Chris Green, the Editor of Small Printer, said that in his report that he had almost completed
         his fi rst year of the two years that he agreed to be Editor for.  The EC would begin the process
         of fi nding a new Editor.
         The content of Small Printer with Chris and Ron is excellent and they were thanked for their
         work month by month.
         A report had been received from Dominic Hartley with regard to the 2017 Convention and it
         was very pleasing to see that the branch has become fully involved with the weekend.  Chris
         Green updated us with bookings to date which were very encouraging.  Ron Watson was
         assisting the branch by taking bookings for tables.
         Dorset branch is looking for a suitable hotel for the 2018 Convention.  Dates are 20-22 April
         The Schedule of Non Executive Offi cers needs to be updated.  It was noted that the Rules
         say that the appointments are for a three year term (can be reappointed) but need to be
         advertised in Small Printer.  It was agreed to update the spreadsheet and in future ensure
         that this is done.  The three years would run from AGM (like Executive appointments).  If
         someone was appointed mid-year they would serve for the time to the next AGM and then
         for three years.
         Dates of future meetings: Executive Council – Saturday 21st January 2017; Rules meeting –
         Saturday 4th March 2017 Both to commence at 10.15 a.m. at the Raven Hotel, Hook.

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