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papers that will work well with water-  or dotgain. At Drupa there was another
       based inkjet inks.                    supplier offering indirect inkjet, with
       Transferring you                      Canon showing the very high quality
                                             seven-colour B2 press, the Voyager,
       now printer                           which is aimed at photoproducts
                                             and commercial applications. Canon
         Landa technology uses water-based   sells the DreamLabo, while Fujifi lm
       inks but these are jetted onto an     has the Smartlab Frontier-S that uses
       intermediate hot transfer belt. Water   specialist inkjet photo papers. Small
                                             format inkjet photo printers are widely
                                             used in leisure and holiday locations
                                             to provide souvenir photos, at a very
                                             healthy unit price. While the high
                                             cost of specialist paper is no barrier
                                             in these applications, it is a major
                                             concern for many commercial print
                                             companies. As explained above, the
                                             situation is changing. Whether it is
                                             offset imaging or new papers, surface
                                             treatments and ink formulations
                                             advances in technology are opening
               Ricoh VC60000 micrograph      new commercial applications for inkjet.
                                               These images show the small,
       is evaporated and the image is then   regular full dots achieved by the
       transferred to the media as a thin    available inkjet technology. This
       elastomeric fi lm that adheres strongly   translates into improved image quality,
       to virtually any surface, forming a   opening new applications.
       tough, durable fi lm with no penetration

                                Simon Smallwood

            Simon Smallwood (10451) sadly passed away on 14th December 2016 at
            the age of 79, following a long period of poor health. Always kind, generous
            and talented, Simon had many interests in addition to lettterpress printing,
            including wood carving and turning. He was also a Master of Wine and had
            a great interest in vintage cars and the preservation of Bath. He taught the
            art and craft of letterpress printing to several beginners with enthusiasm,
            becoming a dear friend to many. It was always a pleasure to meet such a
            charming gentleman, he will be very much missed, particularly by those
            members in the Bristol and Bath area.

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