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ink to be used as the base for printing
       an image onto this rubber material. It
       appears that some new phones do not
       lend themselves to a normal cover and
       so the pouch is a better alternative.
       While talking to Jim Nicol from The Magic
       Touch, he very kindly offered to produce
       a pouch for Jean. This image was from a
       Christmas street decoration we had seen
       in Spain a few years before.
         Overall, we found the show to be
       a worthwhile trip again and will be
       looking to next year, when they move
       the event to The International Centre in
       Telford and will hold the Sign Live show
       alongside. This will give people a chance
       to see what is happening with signage
       and should make the trip a better value
       option for travelling from Bournemouth.
         The move has been forced on the
       organisers due to the IPEX show being
       staged at the NEC around the same time.
       It will be interesting to see the outcome   Bob Richardson, Mick Clayton and Jean waiting
       of this clash.
                                                       for Peter Scarratt
       |  Any Clues ? |                                     |  Ron Watson (6955)  |

             t the last Dorset Branch meeting our intrepid
             scourers of second-hand shops and fairs, Pat
       A& Margaret Swadling, showed off some items
       they had come across while talking to a dealer. This
       dealer had apparently purchased some boxes of items
       which were unknown to him and, it seems, to all of
       the Dorset members. The photograph shows a few of
       these square brass items, which have the text in the
       same format as letterpress type, namely back to front.
       The text is sunk into the surface and the opposite side
       has a hole with a screw thread. They are approximately
       15mm square.
         If any member is able to throw some light on what
       they are, or what they were used for, it would be of
       great interest to my members and obviously the dealer
       concerned, as he has dozens of these objects, which at
       the moment would appear to have only scrap value.
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