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Executive Council Notice


               The last booking form appeared in the January issue
              of Small Printer. The fi nal numbers of those attending
             the Convention will need to be given to the hotel at the
              end of February. If you wish to attend the Convention
             in Newport, please send off a completed booking form
             with the full payment to Chris Green, at the address on
                                      the form.


               When Chris Green agreed to take on the position of
              Editor of Small Printer, he stated it would only be for a
                                  couple of years.
                     This period is coming to a close this year.
                 The Society therefore needs someone to come
             forward and take on this job. The Executive Council will
               consider all applications and appoint someone for a
              three year period. The job description can be obtained
                                from the Secretary.
                          Applications should be sent to;

                                   BPS Secretary
                                    4 Doran Drive
                                      RH1 6AX

                              or email your interest to


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