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|  Miniature Spiral Books |                                |  Continued  |

                                             have the completed cover.
                                             Take the front end paper next to the title
                                             page and insert into the front pocket of
                                             the cover. Insert the back end paper into
                                             the rear pocket, you should now have
                                             your fi rst Spiral Mini-Book.
                                             Templates are available from the digital
                                             pawprints website in a single .zip fi le and
                                             will need to be extracted.
                                             File formats are for Adobe Indesign
                                             (.indd), Adobe Photoshop (.psd) and
                                             Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) and are for a 14
                                             page A8 layout on A4 sheet plus cover
                                             Go to
                                             spiralbooks/index.html to download.

       |  Letter to the Editor |                        |  from Ron Watson (6955)  |

       Dear Editor,

       Since Jean acquired her TP48, it has
       become obvious that the question of
       a bottom lay and some sort of side-lay
       needs to be addressed. While these
       can be provided by the use of sticking
       quads in position, when you need to
       made small adjustments to get it right,
       it can take some time to achieve the
       fi nal position. Also, re-postioning the
       quads can reduce the effectiveness of
       the adhesive, which means the position
       can drift without being noticed.
         Can members who are still using this
       machine, or have in the past, provide
       some guidance on what can be made
       or how to adapt something?
       Ron Watson (6955)

                                                          Jean’s TP48

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