Page 5 - February2017
P. 5

upside down. If needed, up to six images
       can be used as double page spreads.
       Folding and Cutting
         Each sheet is folded top to bottom
       along the short edge and then top and
       bottom edges to the centre, then unfold
       and repeat the process along the long
       edge and unfold again. This divides the
       page into our sixteen mini pages. Cut
       along the folds, in this case parallel to
       the short edges only as we are making a
       portrait book, but remember that pages
       3 and 4, 7 and 8, 11 and 12 must remain
       attached to each other. Lay the sheet
                                down with
                                the title
                                page at
                                Fold the
                                front end
                                paper over
                                on to the
                                title page
                                and then
                                with the
                                other pages
                                in a zig-
                                zag spiral
                                fashion and
                                the booklet
       takes shape. We now need to make a
       The Cover
         The cover uses a half sheet of paper

                                             tumble. Fold and/or score along the lines
                                             printed on the back. Fold the top down
                                             and the bottom up giving the height of
                                             the cover. Make the two folds to form the
       but the template is laid out two up   spine and fold the two ends in to make
       showing both sides and printed work and   the pockets for the end papers. You now
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