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|  From The Editor |                                 |  Chris Green (7614)  |

           t doesn’t seem any time at all    a few thoughts (even better if they
           since we were starting to see     are somehow related to printing) and
       IChristmas cards on sale in           send them to me.
       the shops (I’m talking about last       Having moaned at some length, I
       October), yet we have now already     shall now turn to the current issue
       used up one month of this year. They   and point out the highlights in the
       say that time speeds up as one gets   following pages.
       older – perhaps it’s true, because I     I was particularly taken with the
       often find that I get to the end of a   cover photograph; perhaps you were
       day and seem to have achieved little   too. Were it not for the two pencils
       of any note since getting up.         included to give an idea of scale,
         Small Printer deadlines, in         these might have been samples of
       particular, seem to come round        lavishly-illustrated ‘coffee-table’
       with ever-increasing frequency. I’m   books. But no – each one is produced
       a great believer in carpe diem –      from a single A4 sheet of paper, as
       which, I’m sure you know, is usually   Ron Rookes shows on the following
       translated as ‘seize the day’. The    pages.
       rather more English version, which I     Two Linotype-related articles
       remember being given out at school    this month, although there is no
       when writing ‘lines’ was a common     other connection between them. Pat
       punishment, is ‘procrastination is the   Swadling continues the story of his
       thief of time’. Both mean roughly the   apprenticeship on page 36 (doesn’t
       same thing – get on with it!          he look young!), while some of the
         And that, dear reader, is just what   typefaces used on the Linotype and
       I am asking you to do. This month’s   other related machines are discussed
       magazine has about exhausted          by Roderic Findlay on an earlier
       my stockpile of articles for future   page.
       publications and if nothing further     These articles may not appeal
       is forthcoming we shall see Small     to you. You may be thinking that
       Printer reduced to 20 pages before    you have equally relevant stories to
       long. This plea isn’t aimed at the    share with other Society members.
       stalwarts – those members who         If you have, that’s wonderful – as I
       regularly contribute the articles     mentioned above, carpe diem!
       we all enjoy reading – but at those
       whose literary talents are still to be
       discovered.                           Views expressed by individual authors
         February is usually a particularly   are not necessarily the views of the
       gloomy month – mind you, bits of      Society.
       January weren’t much to speak about   All advertisements are accepted
       – so while you are sitting indoors    in good faith, the Society cannot
       waiting for the rain to stop, jot down   take responsibility regarding the
                                             condition of the goods sold from the
                                             advertisements nor can it vouch for
       Cover Image: Miniature Spiral         the accuracy of any statements in any
       Books. See the article on page 28     advertisement.
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