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South Wales Convention, Newport

            If any member wishes to contribute items for the Convention Goody
                       Bag, they should send 75 copies of each to:

                                     Ron Prosser,
                            661 Chepstow Road, Newport,
                                  Gwent, NP19 9BY
              These items should be received by Ron no later than the end of
                                    February 2017.

          Contributions for the Keepsake Envelope, 70 in number, should be sent to:
                                     Jean Watson,
                           19 Hillbrow Road, Bournemouth,
                                   Dorset, BH6 5NT
           or they can be handed in at the Convention reception before noon on
                                     the Saturday.

                       FOR SALE

          •  Various Cases of Type

                (Mainly Stephenson Blake)

          •  Type Cases & Frames Etc

                     Moulton Printing
            01253 342992 |
                  132 *igJƂGlF 4oCF  $lCcMpool

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