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|  Branch Reports |                                        |  Continued  |

       property has not been sold.           discussed ideas for further meetings
         A small part of our meeting         and we will continue with the very
       was taken up with a discussion        helpful ‘George Webb lectures’ on
       on the chosen venue for the 2018      how to print better, more design,
       convention. It seems hard to believe   better quality and we are going
       we are already thinking about the     to further experiment with blocks
       plan for the event, but we have       brought in from his extensive
       kicked off!                           collection by Pat. Jean also brings in
         We then compiled our annual         her Adana 8 5 for us to use.
       Printers’ Pie for the Sussex Cup. We     After this we went to the nearest
       have not entered this for a while but   pub for a delicious Christmas
       decided 2016 was the year to start    celebration lunch and we all felt lucky
       again. We had a good number of        to be part of a helpful and happy
       contributions on a theme of Flights of   branch of the BPS.
       Fancy, suggested by Suzanne.                    Win Armand Smith (10716)
         Whilst we were doing this we
       Dates of future meetings for 2017:    21 June
                                             19 July
       18 January - Block printing           23 August
       22 February – White Space             20 September
       22 March                              18 October
       26 April following the Newport        22 November
       Convention                            16 December
       31 May

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