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|  Keyboard Typefaces |                           |  Roderic Findlay (10458)  |

            he Linotype was invented by Ottmar   Salfords near Redhill. The fi rst typeface
            Mergenthaler in 1884. Two years   produced there was a rather narrow
       Tlater manufacturing began. The       ‘Modern’ then in current use amongst
       operator, working at a key-board, could   printers, and it became Series 1. It has the
       cast a whole line of type from molten   button-hook, lower-case f, though later
       metal. Not only was typesetting speeded   versions of this face had the full-kerning f.
       up, but there was no longer any time spent     The next type to be issued, Series 2, was
       on distribution. The machine distributed   the Miller & Richard Old Style.
       its own matrices; and the type, after     Other faces soon followed. In 1902
       being used, was melted down for re-use.   Series 7, Modern Extended, was
       The Linotype was especially suited to   introduced. This was considered a
       newspaper work: it was so much easier to   technical improvement on Series 1, having
       work with a galley of slugs than a galley   the full-kerning lower-case f from the
       of individual types.                                    start, and a similar
       There had to be                                         face was used by
       some compromise                                         The Times until it
       in type design,                                         was replaced by
       which made it                                           Lino-type Times.
       less suitable for                                       Modern Extended
       the better class of                                     is a misnomer – it
       printing associated                                     is really a normal-
       with book work.                                         width type: Modern
       However, some very                                      (Series 1) was a
       fi ne book printing                                      narrow type.
       was done on the                                          Modern Wide
       Linotype by people                                      and Modern
       such as George W.                                       Condensed were
       Jones, and there                                        also produced, and
       are many excellent                                      in 1912 Imprint Old
       typefaces designed                                      Face (Series 101)
       for the Linotype                                        was issued specially
       such as Palatino,                                       for a typographical
       Optima, Univers,                                        journal The
       Helvetica and, of                                       Imprint. It was
       course, Times. Some                                     based on Caslon’s
       printers claim that a                                   type, and it was
       similar machine, the       Linotype Model 8, 1930s    the fi rst typeface
       Intertype, was even better.           designed for a composing machine. It was
         In 1885, Tolbert Lanston invented the   an immediate success, being suitable for a
       Monotype machine, which cast individual   wide variety of papers.
       letters and assembled them into lines. By     Plantin (Series 110) followed in 1913,
       the end of the century both machines were   found to be very eff ective on art paper
       in regular use. The Monotype Corporation   and newsprint; and in 1914 Plantin Light
       opened a branch in London in 1897 and   (Series 113) was issued for book printing.
       two years later a factory was built at
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