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|  Choosing Second Hand Type (1)  |                        |  Continued  |

       product may have a different nick from   type, which will not align with English
       the usual rectangular pattern. Founders’   types. If the case or package is marked,
       type can have one or more nicks either   for example, 16D/18 or 24D/30 this
       cast into the shank or cut out after   indicates that it is a 16 (or 24) point Didot
       casting. Various code patterns of nicks   face cast on an 18 (or 30) point Anglo-
       (often semi-circular in section) are cast to   American body to permit its use with
       distinguish either between various body   English types. This usually means that it
       sizes or between different families on the   has been planed down to Anglo-American
       same size bodies. Faces like Spartan or   height too.
       Engraver’s Titling have different nicks to      It is also possible to distinguish
       code the various sizes of caps and small   between Monotype and founders’ metal
       caps, or sizes 1, 2, 3, & 4 on the 6pt or   on similar typefaces by gently pressing
       12pt body.                            two characters together at right angles,
          Type cast to its natural height to   using the vertical edges between the
       paper has a smooth foot with a rough   front and side of each. Invariably the
       line across the middle where the tang   Monotype metal will indent to a far
       produced in casting has been planed   greater extent than the founders’ type.
       off. In some cases this planing of the      The detailed identifi cation and
       tang goes so far as to give two separate   classifi cation of individual typefaces
       feet. Continental type that has had the   themselves is beyond the scope of this
       foot milled down to produce English   article. However, it is always best to
       (Anglo-American) height-to-paper is   attempt to identify type before buying,
       distinguished by the curved ‘circular saw’   and to consider some relevant practical
       marks on the foot. Beware: this may also   consequences of buying particular faces.
       indicate a continental or Didot point size

       |  St Bride Library |                              |  Bob Richardson (9718)  |

            t Bride Library is once again    their intention to visit, with brief details
            accessible to researchers. The   of their requirements. This allows the
       SReading Room is open on the fi rst    library volunteers to fi nd the books
       and third Wednesday of each month     required in advance of your visit. A
       between noon and 8.00 p.m. No charge   photography permit costs £5 per day.
       is made for the use of the 2000+ titles   At present the library is without an
       on open shelves, but a retrieval fee of   online catalogue, due to the expiry of
       £1 per item is payable for each volume   our contract with the service provider. A
       (or bound set of periodicals) held in   new online catalogue is currently under
       Closed Access. Some of the library    construction and should be available
       storage areas are in rooms which are   by the time this article appears in print.
       regularly let to external clients for   You will fi nd it at and
       meetings and conferences, and stock   you may contact the library at library@
       cannot be accessed when these rooms Please note that the library is
       are occupied. We ask potential visitors   run by volunteers and emails cannot be
       to inform the library team in advance of   checked every day.
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